Greet Dom Qualitative Market Research

Understanding behavior


offering direction and inspiration for your marketing

My services:

Qualitative market research in Belgium and The Netherlands

  • Online or face-to-face, all methodologies
  • 30+ years of experience in nearly all markets
  • Specialized in in-depth psychodynamic research, which was founded by Censydiam in the 80's

Your questions are about:

  • Positioning and strategy
  • Communication
  • Innovation and concept development

Identity workshops for Brands and Organisations

  • Workshops with marketing and/or management teams
  • In-depth exploration of purpose, mission, and added value

Your questions are about:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Organisational strategy

Balance in Business is founded in 1998. It stands for bringing depth, emotion and human insights into marketing and business

How I enjoy to work:

  • Depth, empathy and real listening. Not only to respondents, but in the first place to you as a client.
  • I execute your projects from A to Z, you have my full personal and professional attention.
  • I like to involve you and your colleagues in the proces of market research by observing the interviews or focus groups. It is a moment where those involved from outside the marketing team can experience what is going on with your customers or consumers. This often gives new, surprising impulses to the team and the organisation.

My background in a nutshell:

  • Trained as sociologist and psychologist
  • Started my market research career at Censydiam (in-depth motivational research)
  • Independent researcher @ Balance in Business since 1995
  • Living nowadays in Belgium, lived earlier for 10 years in The Netherland

For more information on my background and experience, please look at my LinkedInprofiel.

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